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Стихи на Хэллоуин на английском языке

    Ищете поздравление стихи на Хэллоуин на английском ? Заходите! На Фани-Хани вы найдете подборку оригинальных поздравлений на Хэллоуин на английском языке. Выберите именно то поздравление, которое вам понравится. Поздравьте человека в смс. Или выпишите стих на открытку и вручите лично, с подарком.


    Pumpkins, candles, scarecrows in
    House is full of fear. Let the fest!
    Starting celebration of Halloween —
    Possibly, this day is of the best.

    Why you look so frightened, what do you fear?
    It’s a joke, not serious. Please, stay!
    I will make some hot mulled wine, my dear.
    And tomorrow we’ll meet All Saints’ Day!


    Five little pumpkins
    Sitting on a gate
    The first one said,
    «My it’s getting late!»
    The second one said,
    «There are witches in the air!»
    The third one said,
    «Good folk, beware!»
    The fourth one said,
    «We’ll run and run!»
    The fifth one said,
    «Let’s have some fun!»
    «WOOOOOOOH», went the wind,
    And OUT went the light;
    And the five little pumpkins
    Rolled out of sight!


    There’s a dragon crawling round the room.
    Do not get too close or it will surely spell your doom.
    A dragon’s always looking for something to munch.
    If you don’t watch out, you may be his lunch.

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